Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This Blog Has Moved!

Hey there! If you are looking for more from this blog is has moved to Life Through My Closet! Please visit me there! I am also on InstagramTwitter, Facebook, and LookBook.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Adventures of Girl and Her Dog

Its that weird time of year where snow hasn't quite ended and spring hasn't quite begun. We get rain one day and snow the next. The mountains of snow turn into puddles that flood the grass and streets. During one of our first warm days of the year I decided to take Blitz on a longer walk than usual. In retrospect, I should have stuck to our normal routine! 

Since I was only wearing gym shoes there was no way I was going to walk through all this water! I was not going to risk getting my feet wet since we were at least a mile and a half from home. So I came up with the bright idea of walking on top of the snow! Fool proof, right? Wrong.

I feel through the snow that was originally holding me up. I went through the snow and landed in ankle deep freezing cold water! I had to walk the rest of the way in soaking wet socks and shoes.

Luckily for our next adventure I was much more prepared! I bought these boots because they were pink, I didn't realize they would actually be needed!