Saturday, December 7, 2013

{Coffee&Couture} How Much Will You Pay For Sunglasses

I recently spent a lot of money on, yes, sunglasses. This is not something I've done before, usually I get them from the dollar store or from Target for $16.99. But My 5 pairs of cheap sunglasses never seemed to be good enough. So I though long and hard and searched for some worth the money and I found the perfect pair! To justify spending this much on sunglasses I factored in my eye which are extremely sensitive to sunlight, and the fact that if they cost me a lot, I will take care of them. My cheap sunglasses I just throw in my purse and are all scratched up, the the point where they are hard to see out of! 

Here is the pair I bought off amazon.

Let me tell you they were worth every penny and I plan to keep them in tip top shape! So my question for you is how much are you willing to pay? Or how much have you paid? 

This pair... is $520.95... I cannot believe that price! Considering how close they are to the ones I bought for $101 I'm pretty happy with my choice! 

What do you think? Are sunglasses worth hundreds of dollars? Or do you think $20 for sunglasses is more than enough?

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