Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Santa Baby vs. Holidaze

I love watching Christmas movies. I love the classics but I definitely like to see a new one every now and then. I decided to give Holidaze on ABC Family a go. After watching it my first impression was that it was cute. I mean I'm a girl, Christmas movies and love stories are two things I can't say no to. But after giving it some thought and replaying it, I realized its not much different than Santa Baby. 

Just starting with the first scene, Mary Class (Jenny McCarthy) and Melody Gerard (Jennie Garth) start off both movies walking down city streets talking important business jargon. 

Jenny McCarthy as "Mary Class" in Santa Baby (2006).

Jennie Garth as "Melody Gerard" in Holidaze (2013).

They then continue to hold very important business meetings. Mary Class runs her own consultant company, Class Consulting, and is hired by a corporation to turn their company around. While Melody Gerard is the vice president of operations for the Save Now corporation and is opening their 100th store in her home town. 

They both live in big cities, Mary Class in New York and Melody Gerard in Chicago. They grew up in small towns they didn't visit very often, Mary Class in "Polaris" and Melody Gerard in "Streetsville." 

Their parents both run their own businesses. Mary Class' dad is Santa Claus and runs the workshop and Melody Gerard's mom runs her own coffee shop. 

Upon arriving in their home towns both Mary's and Melody's moms made comments about not seeing them enough and them looking scrawny. 

Mary Class' mom - Mrs. Claus (Santa Baby)

Melody Gerard's mom (Holidaze)

Both of their moms want them to get back together with their ex boyfriends whom they both left to pursue their careers outside of their small town.

Mary Class' ex boyfriend (Santa Baby)

Melody Gerard ex boyfriend (Holidaze)

**Spoiler Alert

In the end of the movie both Mary and Melody end up falling in love again with their ex boyfriends. They also succeed at their careers which makes it an overall win for everyone and makes their life even more perfect. They also both end up helping the family businesses. Mary Class helped run Santa Claus' work shop and Melody Gerard came up with the idea of a franchise chain for her mom's coffee shop. Overall, Santa Baby is the movie I like better. Holidaze would have been a good movie if it didn't copy everything from Santa Baby. The movie could have been a little more original, I mean Jenny McCarthy and Jennie Garth are almost identical as the main characters; shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny, successful job and relationship. Where is the depth people??

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