Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I am a party pooper and am not dressing up this year, however my puppies have no choice! Don't worry this is animal cruelty, they really don't mind it and I make sure they get extra treats! So here are some adorable pictures I took of them :)

So I usually post pictures of Blitz, my lab-pitt mix, but this is my other dog! She is about 12 years old and she is a husky mix. We got her from Adopt a Husky and she's been my best friend since I was 10. Isn't she just beautiful? This is Talie in her costume this year. It says "Trick 'Arrr Treat" on the back.

And here is Blitz's costume! The skele-dog! 

Here they are together. You can hardly see Blitz's bones because he wouldn't let me get a side picture (I was bribing him with treats and he was a little excited) And yes, he's wearing a bow tie, that's an everyday thing for him.

Here are their costumes in the dark, isn't it fantastic!? Here are some more photos I took...

They're so well behaved :) Here is one last photo with their fall jackets (because I just had to).

Love this pic!

On a side note you can now subscribe to my blog! So please enter your email address in the bar on the right (not the search bar). Also, join me tomorrow for day 1 of my 30 day scarf challenge! Also I just want to give a shout out to some bloggers out there that have answered all of my crazy blogging questions (this stuff is harder than it looks!) Thank you BonnieNatalie, and Renee!


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