Thursday, October 31, 2013

Someday I will...

Someday I will realize that watching Big Bang Theory reruns is a waste of time and I'll use that time to do something more productive.

Someday I will open my own boutique and be surrounded by beautiful clothes and shoes and (hopefully) make a living at it. I think having my own little shop would be so much fun!

Someday I will finished my application for my masters and actually get the degree. Someday...

Someday I will keep my nails nice for longer than a week. I grow them out, they will look really nice and then there will be just one stressful day and that's all it take for me to bite them all off, just ask my boyfriend.

Someday I will work out every single day like I really want to. I always say I will been between a full time job and full time school I'm too tired by the end of the day!

Someday I will learn how to actually do my hair. Since my hair is so low maintenance (its stick straight) I've always just ignored it and managed to get away. Now I have to watch tutorials on YouTube just to make a poof look right... I'll get it one day.

Someday I will learn how to post super fantastic posts like The Daily Tay because I literally read hers everyday. Seems like there's never a dull moment for her!

Someday I will have a cell phone for longer than a year without breaking it! As I'm typing this I have my old (as in a year old) iPhone with GIANT cracks all of the screen and the new iPhone Verizon just sent me to replace it.

Someday I will do my laundry more than once a month. I really only wash my work clothes since that's what I wear every day and I have so many other clothes I could probably go a year without having to do laundry and still be wearing clean clothes.

Someday... Not someday soon, but someday I will be able to watch American Horror Story, or any horror TV show or movie without 1) grabbing Nick's arm like its the end of the world, 2) cover my face with a blanket/pillow/arm like its going to protect me from the horror, 3) scream during the movie/show, or 4) just altogether turn it off or walk out of the movie. I always want to see horror movies but I literally don't even last 5 minutes. Its depressing, they always look like such good plot lines!

Someday I will finish the projects I start. I'm working on that one though!

The Daily Tay

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