Friday, November 15, 2013

DAY 15: 30 Day Scarf Challenge

Congratulations everyone we are officially half way through the month!! And let me tell you I don't know if I have 15 more scarves! 

So today has been a really weird day... Not sure how else to explain it but at least it's ending with me going to bed early! (Unfortunately I also have to be up early) Also, the wifi on my iPad is not currently working so I am blogging from my phone! So I apologize in advance if the format looks weird on your computer/tablet. 

Here is my scarf for today. Nice and cozy wrapped around my neck twice and then tied to stay in place. Also if you have been following my other posts you'll know I burned my forehead with my curling iron therefore I will not take pictures if my face until it's healed! Ha vain, I know but still it's embarrassing! 

I promise when I graduate in less than a month I will have better/longer posts, but for now I have to get some sleep. I have a busy weekend ahead of me! (And not as in plans, busy as in work and homework). Hope you all had a great Friday and are looking forward to a great weekend. See you tomorrow for Day 16!


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