Sunday, November 17, 2013

Last But Not Least

Hello everyone! Today is technically day 17 and if you are following you would realized that I missed day 16 yesterday. And for that I apologize! I actually had a scarf put together and here it is. 

As much as I hate to quit something, I feel bored of posting new ways to wear scarves and I'm sure you're bored of it as well! It was much harder than I thought and I truly feel the only ways left to wear scarves are weird ways that I would never try! And I don't want to promote something I wouldn't actually wear! So here is the last scarf, but certainly not the least. I will certainly not stop wearing scarves, I really do wear them everyday! 

So here I talked about the first really snow fall of the year, and today it has been crazy rain storms and tornado watches and warning!! What season are we in? 

Its raining really hard! Also, the sky turned yellowish! Wee bit scary! To say the least, Talie is very freaked out by the hail, thunder and rain. Hopefully it clears up so I can get a run in tonight!

Bottom line is I'm sorry to anyone who was looking for the full 30 days! But I will continue to post about fashion, not only what I am wearing but what others are wearing. And of course other things on the side. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! 


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