Monday, November 18, 2013

{Coffee&Couture} Gossip Girl Style

So recently I've been re-watching the Gossip Girl TV series. I watched it when it was airing and I missed it so much I just had to watch it again! The drama is just out of control, nothing I would ever want for my own life but I love watching it! One thing I love about it is seeing all of the expensive clothes that I would never be able to afford in this life time.

Between Serena, Blair, Jenny and Vanessa I really cant decide whose style I like more! I think it would be a tie between Serena and Vanessa. 

I always love Blair and Serena's dresses! Blair is always more classy and conservative, where Serena's normally shorter and lower. In this picture I love the black sparkle. I also love Serena's hair. I wish I could do a braid with my hair like this! I have too many layers though.

Between these two dresses I like Blair's the best. I love the subtle detail. However, I absolutely love Serena's hair here again! The headbands and the controlled mess looks really good on her.

Vanessa's style is very different than Serena's and Blair's. She has more of a hobo chic style. I really love this dress here. The bright colors really look well together and work for her.

Jenny's style tends to change a lot throughout the seasons. There is a pretty drastic change between seasons 1 and 2 and season 3. In the first two seasons she didn't have a lot of money to buy clothes like Serena and Blair. In season 3 her dad marries Serena's mom and she starts getting more expensive clothes, but the edginess stays consistent throughout.

Overall I really love more these these four characters wear throughout the series. There are bits and pieces of each of them that I would wear. But I love that there is a distinct style between all of them that coincides with their character in the TV show. And dammit I wish I could buy clothes like them!


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