Monday, November 4, 2013

DAY 4: 30 Day Scarf Challenge

Today is Day 4 of the 30 Day Scarf Challenge!

 photo 17cd93fe-6f37-4269-b0bb-8196c2bf773f_zps2862e192.jpg

Thank you Lauren for taking this picture!

So let me first start off with explaining why I renamed my blog from "My Life in a Nutshell" to "Coffee and Couture" since there were some people with many questions about it (you know who you are :-P ). I want my blog to be more fashion oriented (hence the "couture") and I love coffee (I drink it like its water). So that's that! I tried to make it as original as possible but as me as possible, and I feel like I nailed it! Anyway, my scarf! This is an infinity scarf that my mom crochet for me a couple years ago. I absolutely love the colors and the fact that it only goes around your neck once. Its also super warm! With out this scarf today I would have been freezing so I'm glad I brought it along. (It also matches my coffee cup which I chose to include in this picture for the sake of my blog name!)

 photo 097ed9b2-ba8a-4f5a-a9d2-33a87935f0ee_zpsa2493950.jpg

This scarf literally covers your entire neck with only wrapping it around your neck once. Gotta love the simplicity!
Hope you have a magnificent Monday! Please follow my blog! See you tomorrow for Day 5.

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  1. Cute scarf Val!! Love the colors! I finished crocheting a scarf, and I'm going to start on a second one tomorrow.

    1. Did Bill's mom teach you how to crochet?? I wan't to learn how to make that blanket you have!