Saturday, November 9, 2013

DAY 9: 30 Day Scarf Challenge

 photo f8ae0416-5bf4-42a6-9f23-ac30133f43f5_zpsab7f73ae.jpg

Hello everyone! Today is Day 9 of the 30 Day Scarf challenge! Here I am with my mom. I figured I would take a picture with her today since we were both wearing scarves. The scarf I am wearing today I one I got over spring break last year while my boyfriend and I were in San Francisco. This picture doesn't do it justice because it is much brighter in person!

Here I am with Nick on spring break when I first got this scarf! (This picture shows the color better.) Here's how I got this look. I just love this scarf! It's really comfortable and thick so its super warm. I actually had to take it off today when my family was over because it was getting too warm! This is probably my favorite scarf of all time! Join my tomorrow for Day 10! (I feel like I'm running out of ideas, so feel free to send me your own ways of wearing a scarf!) Have a relaxing rest of the night!

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  1. Hey, Check out this post. They show 3 different ways to wear an affinity scarf. This is one of the scarfs I just made.