Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Eavesdropping Problem

As I am writing this post tonight I am sitting in Starbucks (currently taking a break from) doing homework and I am sitting next to this couple who are getting very cozy, its making me uncomfortable. At first glance they just seem to be completely entranced in each others conversations and it was kind of sickly sweet, but since the only table near an outlet is next to them, I am not intentionally overhearing little tid-bits of their whispered conversation. They seem to be making extremely important life decisions right here next to me in Starbucks! 

I wish I could take a picture of them to show you how intimate they look but it would be totally obvious to everyone sitting around me! The husband/boyfriend/lover is sitting in one of those giant purple cushy chairs I'm pretty sure every Starbucks has and is looking pretty relaxed. The wife/girlfriend/lover is sitting in a normal chair (which was taken from the table I am currently sitting at) and has scooted it up so she is sitting closer than knee to knee and is leaning over him and resting on his arm rest and they have been whispering for quiet some time. I've heard bits and pieces about being employed to keep busy, 2 bedroom houses, and "why don't you agree?!" I also hear a lot about "we're only young once." They seem to be arguing about whether or not to have children but I can't be sure, its even more puzzling because neither of them are wearing wedding rings and they are definitely an older couple. Not the typical couple planning for children. 

Its like a whispered argument and it really makes me wonder why they aren't doing this in the privacy of their own home. It's very distracting for someone trying to get some work done! And of course I felt the need to tell everyone! Have intimate conversations in private so others can get their homework done and not try to figure out what you are whispering about!! 

All I can think about is with as close as their faces are and as much as they are whispering I really hope neither of them have bad breath because that's a lot of hot air! Also, I noticed they are very good whisperers because I can hardly hear them over the music and the milk steamer. 

Also at the other table next to me is a very interesting man. He has gotten up about five times in the past hour to get more coffee, and let me tell you I love love love coffee but that's a lot of coffee! Did I say he got up five times? I meant he just went and ordered more coffee five times, he has not actually sat in his chair. Also, he has a giant bottle of liquid Pepto Bismol that is almost gone along with a duffle bag filled with papers that are shuffled about and empty wrappers and used tissues, yuck - I interurrpt this thought to announce the man just pulled a second, I repeat second, Pepto Bismol bottle from his lunch sack and drank it like it was a Pepsi bottle. Oh. My. Lord.

To get back to the intimate couple their conversation is really heating up! "Life is all about balance. We're not ready. There's more than one thing to focus on in life, you need to focus on supporting me and then we can look at the future." is what the wife/girlfriend/lover just said. This is a very fascinating place. Am I being rude? I should get back to being productive.

After more heated words the husband/boyfriend/lover says "You're right, let's go." Yikes! I hope they work everything out, preferable when they are in private! Okay, back to my homework. I should do homework blog here more often.

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