Sunday, November 10, 2013

DAY 10: 30 Day Scarf Challenge

First of all sorry for this blog being so late in the day, I seem to be getting better and better at procrastination! Second of all, I want to apologize for any typos in advance, I had a large glass of wine because the bottle is going to go bad soon and better to drink than waste! Am I right or am I right? (Plus I don't have to be anywhere until 1pm tomorrow)

First of all I want to show off my boyfriend a little bit. Here he is with his scarf. Isn't he cute? 

 photo IMG_0536_zps3d8f936b.jpg

He refused to actually stop to let me take a picture of him so I just became his paparazzi. These are just the best of multiple pictures I took. 

 photo IMG_0537_zps6e9338ae.jpg
So Stubborn!

His scarf is actually made by Crystal! Check out everything she's crocheted! She's really good. 

So in between catching photos of Nick we first visited my Uncle Ed! He is having open brain surgery on Thursday so for those believers out there please pray for hi and for those non believers please send good juju his way!! So we went to visit him in the hospital and he seemed very energetic! I think he is very bored siting in the hospital just waiting for Thursday to come. (Which reminds me Dad if you are reading this he said the surgery should be around 10am on Thursday)! The first thing he said when Nick and I walked in was "You wouldn't believe that I am having open brain surgery on Thursday!" As he is standing there in gym shoes, jeans, hospital gown, and sweatshirt. In which I replied "Well you look much better than anyone in this hospital!" let me tell you, this man works out more often than I do! Plus when we were walking to his room, we hear men groaning ans yelling through their pain, it was terrifying. My Uncle Ed seems pretty confident but please keep him in your thoughts!

Then Nick and I went to Heng Wing and had some Chinese food! (We were starving)

 photo IMG_0546_zps2e9ce42b.jpg
Here is Nick's Dish.

 photo IMG_0545_zps2e946ae8.jpg
And here is my dish before I dropped some into his tea (which is to the right of the dish). I'm very sorry Nick.

We had so much fun joking around and just simply hanging out at the Chinese restaurant while we were eating. It was such a great day!

 photo d878539a-a21f-4b3a-bcb5-22847ea967fb_zps44e58d02.jpg
This is Nick's yearly fortune (is that what their called?). We both agree that the only part that is correct about him is the "you are successful in business but would also make a good lawyer, diplomat or actor."

 photo d9d9c9b8-1a02-4fae-aadc-390b8405552a_zps8cf3ad47.jpg
This is me. I personally think it is all true about me but Nick disagrees ha!

 photo 85878dd2-13af-47b2-acda-282ff61a3703_zps5dedd112.jpg

And of course the reason you all are here: Scarf Day 10! Here I tied my scarf just like I did here except when I put it around my neck I put it backwards. I love this scarf and sweater duo! I didn't even need a jacket today. 

Such a great day and weekend! I am so thankful! See you tomorrow for Day 11. Maybe I won't post it so late this time! 

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