Monday, November 11, 2013

DAY 11: 30 Day Challenge

Hello everyone! I am blogging from the quiet study room at my school and let me tell you, people must have not read the sign on the door. Usually this is the quietest place to get some work done and these two guys first were standing in the hallway talking while holding the door open. Then when they walked in one asked me, "Do you have a class in here?" to which I responded, "No, they don't hold classes in here, it's a quiet study room." He turns to his friend and says, "Its a quiet study room should we go somewhere else so we don't disturb her?" I did not here his reply if there was one but they proceeded to sit down and talk in hushed tones which are not actually quiet at all. They should take whispering lessons from the couple at Starbucks yesterday.

Anyway, here is my Day 11 Scarf...

I heard on the radio that the new danger is people taking "selfies" while driving. I decided to join that trend (**Disclaimer: the car is not actually in motion, I am stopped. Putting yourself and others in danger to take a picture of yourself is honestly so stupid)

This is another infinity scarf just a new way of wearing it! (Thank you Natalie for sending me that link!) The problem I always found with most infinity scarves is that if you wrap it around your neck twice, it might be too loose to cover you neck, and I'm not sure about you but I have a big head so they're no way I'm going to get an infinity scarf around my head three times. So if you shorten one of the loops like I did here, it covers you neck and looks super cute!!

Have a wonderful Monday if that is at all possible for you! (Monday can get rough, I know.)


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