Monday, November 25, 2013

How To Survive a Stressful Week

For those of you who don't know this week and possible the next two weeks are going to be pretty stressful! So I apologize ahead of time for being somewhat MIA. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday, all the food, cheerfulness and family and no matter how busy I am I plan to thoroughly enjoy it! Let me just give you a quick glance at my week here... I just got home from work now, I work tomorrow (Tuesday), Wednesday overnight to Thursday (Thanksgiving Day), Thursday overnight to Friday, Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, I'm off Tuesday (but have class all day) then work Wednesday through Friday, get a weekend off and then finals week begins! I feel ready to tackle this week head on! Here's some tips on how I got to this point:

1. Get organized! This always seems to be very hard for me but this morning I made a list of everything that is due for school in order of due dates so I can prioritize. I also looked at my schedule to see when I can put aside time for homework and extra sleep (because of those two overnight shifts). After doing this I felt I could finally take a deep breath.

2. Get rest! Many people like to spend their weekends out all night partying and while it can be so much fun, it doesn't really give you enough rest to hold you through the next week. Since I still needed to get homework done this weekend I didn't set an alarm and let myself wake up whenever my body felt rested enough to wake me up. I slept 11 hours for 2 days! Clearly I needed the sleep! And while this may totally bore you, I did still have time to get homework and see friends and family.

3. Stay healthy! It's important to exercise and eat healthy. I ran 5 miles yesterday and (other than some pain in my hip) I feel great! Also when you're feeling tired have a little coffee, or some fruit like an apple. I can say I'm guilty of always reaching towards artificial sugar to give me an energy boost and I always end up feeling crappier than before. Also planning meals ahead of time helps give you some time back during the week. I love to get pre-packaged (healthy) dinners you stick in the microwave. Simple, easy, and still healthy.

4. Plan your clothes out ahead of time. This will save some time in the morning when you're frantically looking for something to wear. 

5. Paint your nails. Painting your nails can really relieve stress. I know I always feel better after painting my nails a new color for the week, plus during the week I feel more put together with nail polish that isn't chipped.

6. Light a candle, sit in a bubble bath or hot tub, (maybe grab a glass of wine) and read a book. There is nothing, NOTHING, more relaxing than this! I love watching tv or movies but it's so easy to get distracted watching tv. When reading a book you're more concentrated and it's easier to get away for your stressful week, even if only for a chapter.

7. Once you're done reading and soaking put on your most comfortable pajamas, some aloe infused fuzzy socks and get to sleep! That way you are rested up for tomorrow!

And on that note, I should be taking my own advice. Goodnight everyone!

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