Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Power of Pink

Tonight I had the pleasure of going to see Pink in concert! It was a very exciting concert, filled with energy and power. I've been a fan of Pink's since her CD "Missundaztood". This is the first time seeing her in concert however and it was a great show!

She really showed how musically talented she was by playing piano, which she told the crowd she just learned. She said she tries to learn something new every tour, her last tour she learned the guitar. As she sat down to play the piano she had a cough drop in her mouth (she has been canceling shows because she's been sick) and her drummer asked her if she was going to sing with it in her mouth, she spits it out right on the floor and starts her song!

Not only is she musically talented, but she is very physically talented! Most of the show she was hanging from the ceiling and singing at the same time! I can't even sing and walk at the same time and I definitely don't sing as well as Pink.

In this hard to see picture, there was a giant sphere that Pink and her dancers hanging from as it moved, and may I note they were not wearing anything to catch them. My jaw dropped several times during this concert!

Now lets talk about the people who went to this concert. Through the sea of pink and blond dyed hair and pink clothing there were a few people that were very out there. I didn't get a picture of them but I did get a picture of this. This vest would be okay with a long sleeve black shirt underneath. Please never wear a vest like this without a shirt under it. Vests do not take the place of tank tops.

Also sitting in front of my friend and I were this couple... They were making out the whole time! Take a breather and watch the concert you paid to see! I kid you not, I heard others talking about how much they were making out. They were the talk of our little section. They were probably my parents age and they were acting like hormonal high schoolers in a movie theater. Good God.

 photo IMG_0633_zpsd6d64e4a.jpg

After the concert it was a sea of cars and we sat for a long time. When will people learn if all the cars go at once no one is getting anywhere. However, once you loose hope in a humanity because all you really want is to back out of your parking spot and instead of letting you in you get dirty looks and blocked in by other cars, its nice to know there are nice people out there. Instead of cutting me off like the others, since you know you car going in front of you is going to make you wait 10 times longer, a very nice person waved me back and told me when to stop so I wouldn't hit anyone cars and I truly appreciate those nice people like that! Overall it was a great night, I would totally recommend this concert, except if you want to just sit there an make out the whole time.

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