Thursday, November 21, 2013

Life Lessons From My 6 Favorite Shows

1. The Big Bang Theory

This show has teaches that you should never judge people without knowing them and that your best friends could be the least expected. Also eidetic memory is much different than photographic memory, cinnamon is made from tree bark, and Sheldon can ramble off more scientific facts in a 25 minute show than I will probably know in my life time!

7 Life Lessons from Pretty Little Liars ...

2. Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars will teach you not to jump to conclusions because nothing is ever as it seems. Know who you are dealing with and always be ready for a fight. Don't go anywhere alone or at night. Police are not trustworthy and covering things up usually only makes it worse. Oh, and don't trust anyone!

3. Chicago Fire

Once again, choose wisely the people you trust! Also, being a firefighter seems pretty awesome. Firefighters put their drama and lives aside to save other peoples' lives. There are some really intense scenes in this show that just show you how truly selfless firefighters are. And just like Pretty Little Liars, some police are not trustworthy! (I sure hope that isn't real life)

4. Gossip Girl

The one thing you can learn from this show is money changes everyone. But other things you can pick up is stay loyal to your friends, stay humble, and stay truthful. And of course "Always dress to kill."

5. Everybody Loves Raymond

You may not love this show as much as I do but this show is a great example of life. It has ups and downs between wife and husband, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and brothers. It shows that no matter what family is what matters most and anything can be worked out.

6. Trophy Wife

The two things I think we can take away from this show is don't let stereotypes define you, and don't marry a guy with two ex-wifes without expecting drama.

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