Wednesday, December 4, 2013

{Coffee&Couture} Wonderful Winter Clothing

It amazes me how quick the years actually go by. When you're waiting for something for months, it's seems like it'll never come. Then you're a week away and you think where did the time go? In 9 days I will be graduating from college with a bachelors in human resource management. Not only that but this is my favorite time of year! Everything seems so magical. The pretty lights, the wonderful winter clothes and accessories, and all of the holidays and family gatherings! The Christmas movies and music and holiday drinks and hot chocolate! I love every part of it.

Here is an wonderful winter outfit I put together from Pinterest pictures. Because who doesn't love Pinterest?

Burton Player Flannel Shirt - Women's $74.95

Not sure if this is THE ONE, but I want a puffy vest. White, cream, black or brown. dont care where its from. prob a size medium.

Miss Me jeans with lace pockets (This is basically a doily sewn to a pocket under the flap- easy DIY though the pocket might not open afterwards)

Fashion boots

Fringe Eternity Scarf from Wet Seal  #wetseal #winter #scarves #warm


All these items together will not only keep you warm but look winterfully wonderful! (Yes, I know that isn't a word.) I hope you are all having a great Tuesday!


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  1. Wow, you only have 9 days left!! That is awesome!