Friday, February 21, 2014

Chicago Auto Show

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This past weekend Nick and I went to the Chicago Auto Show. We got onto the train, sat on the train for an hour, and walked three and a half miles to the McCormick Place to go see all the 2015 cars. Despite the freezing cold weather, we were sweating in out jackets by the time we got there! But it was most definitely worth it! We enjoyed hot dogs and beer while waiting in line and looking at all the cars we may never be able to afford! HA! But we can dream!

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Needless to say Nick fell head over heals for this truck! (Maybe I'll get it for him for his birthday when I'm a millionaire) It was pretty cool though! And it was his favorite color (and the right shade of it too!) Thing like the auto show make this long winter a little warmer! I just can't wait until were taking the train to the city for Cubs games!

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