Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Day in Chicago

Recently Nick and I spent another day in Chicago! For most of the day the weather was pretty nice but it is still colder than I would like it to be!!

When I go to Chicago, I try to act like I fit in but I always end up taking pictures like a tourist. Its embarrassing but I can't help it!

This was the beautiful orchid on the counter where we ate lunch. It looked so perfect I have to feel the leaves just to decide weather or not it was real!

We decided to be both thrifty and healthy for lunch so we stopped at Jewel to get chicken wraps! They were delicious! We sat at a counter inside the Jewel and naturally started people watching. There are both very strange and beautiful people in the city! 

We decided to wait for a later train instead of jam onto the train everyone was running for. We had fun goofing off at the train station. We also enjoyed delicious smoothies from Jamba Juice! (Sorry for the fuzziness, the front iPhone cameras aren't always the greatest)

Me: "Let's take a picture drinking our smoothies!" Nick: "Why?" haha

Me: "Come on, take a picture with me!" Nick: "..."


Just missing a smile!

Thought I would get him in the pic... Not quick enough!

 photo IMG_1492_zpscf283068.jpg
Finally a good one!

I hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday and here's to hoping for warmer weather!

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