Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Personalized Canvas Art

I don't consider myself much of an artist however I do love to be creative and I found some art that I love to do and more importantly that I can do. Here is one that I made specifically for my blog (if you recall back to my first post, the quote on this canvas is my all time favorite quote) and a tutorial on how to make your own! If you don't want to make your own feel free to buy mine here. Keep in mine I only have one of each (since they are one of a kind) but I will be making and posting more (they won't all be the same). Also if you want me to make a personalized one for you, feel free to contact me here by clicking on "contact store owner."

Step 1:

This canvas is called Astounding Edison. I started out with just a blank canvas (obviously). You can choose what ever size you want.

Step 2:

Start with your base coat. You can choose what ever color or colors you want. I did two shades of green to create more depth. Keep in mind you will only see the base coat in the letters.

Step 3:

Once the base coat dries, apply stickes to the canvas. I chose to go with my favorite quote, you can do whatever size or style of letters you want. 

Step 4:

Once you have applied the stickers, make sure they are pressed down really well and apply the top coat. This is the coat that will be the most visible. I mixed purple with a light beige to make it a little more neutral.
(Please ignore my mess!!)

Step 5:

Once the top coat dries peal off the stickers. I use a tooth pick to peal the stickers off my canvas, it seems to work the best. 

Step 6:

.Use Mod Podge to coat the entire canvas. It will dry clear and give it a smooth shiny finish.
And here is the finished product!

Feel free to contact me with any requests or questions!


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