Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Carving!

This weekend I truly got into the autumn spirit by carving pumpkins! Let me tell you, I have not carved pumpkins since I was probably 10, so this has pretty much been a new experience for me. My boyfriend on the other hand is pretty much a pro.
I'll start with my boyfriend's pumpkin. When we were in Wisconsin last month we both bought pumpkins on a farm where we were horse back riding. My pumpkin was about 20 pounds while my Nick managed to choose a 46 pound pumpkin! Let me tell you, I can't even carry the thing.

I really think he started regretting it when he had to get all of the seeds out! Here is him de-seeding the massive pumpkin. But I think he felt much better about it by the end of the carving.

He's a pro am I right?? I love the little guy in his mouth I feel bad for him!

Now let me warn you, my pumpkins are nothing compared to his! I didn't even know that people shave pumpkins to get that shaded look. I'm a total newb at the pumpkin carving thing but I tried really hard!
First of all I just want to give credit to Blitz who clearly was very helpful! Can you see how hard he is concentrating on me carving the pumpkin? Too funny!

And here he is waiting for more pumpkin pieces to fall to the ground because it is his new favorite food! He was really enjoying running around the table as we were emptying the seeds and carving the pumpkins! He would get to whatever fell to the ground before you even knew it fell. 

Here is the first one I carved. A girly skeleton! It turned out much better than I thought it would! (Notice my use of shaving)

Here is the second one I did just for my baby boy! This picture makes the cross bones look better than they do in really life, they did not turn out very well! I do love the paw with the heart tho! Not very scary, I know, but there's always next year to get scary.

And here is the last one I did... and let me tell you I hate this one. I really wanted to do a minion from Despicable Me because they're so darn cute but it just really didn't turn out well. When I gave up on trying to carve it I finished it with sharpie, ha! So pathetic, I know. Stop laughing, I'll do better next year I swear!

I would ask which one your favorite is but I know everyone will say Nick's is the best!

Overall is was a really good time and when we sat down on the couch after hours of carving we had some pizza, I had a glass of wine and then I fell asleep before 8:30pm! I then woke up the next day at 9am. So i'm not sure if it was the carving that caused me to sleep so much but all I can say is you know you had a good day when you sleep over 12 hours! Now I have to get to sleep so I wake up for work! Leave comments below if you have any cool carving tricks!


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