Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Biggest Struggle

So remember when wrote here about how I want to do more creative projects this year? Yeah... well something I kinda knew before, however my biggest problem is finishing my projects. I seem to have creative ADD. Which I guess would be a good thing (since it adds to creativity) but it would be much more productive if I finish my projects. I posted here about crocheting a blanket for my brother for Christmas... Its almost halfway done :) Ha sorry Ryan!

I always seem to start a scarf or a painting or a blanket anything really, then I go on Pinterest and find more things to make! So I start on that and then I get bored and start on something else! I'm annoying myself but I am having such a hard time kicking this habit! Just so you can get an idea of how I love to start (and just start) projects check out my Pinterest Crafts To Do Board.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

an old dresser with broken drawers all fixed up
This was an old dresser made new. I love the mixture of painted wood and stained wood. I always thought painted and stained wood wouldn't work next to each other but I absolutely love it! 

crocheted mug warmers =)
Now I love this, however I am no where near this talented with crocheting! I will have to pay Crystal to make me one! Check out her blog here. This would be perfect for all the tea I've been drinking to get me through this cold weather.

Hand Painted Wine Glasses
I love these wine glasses!! I need to get some glass paint to do this. I mean ASAP.

gorgeous reupholstered chair
I really really really want to get an old chair from Goodwill or Salvation Army and reupholster it! I repeat (from the first craft idea) I love old things made new. 

These are just four things off my Craft To Do List. And they were hard to choose! See my problem? So much to do, so little time. FYI I know I have promised some people scarves as gifts and I promise I'm working on them! In the mean time maybe I should stay off Pinterest...


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