Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow, More Snow, and Crazy Cold Weather

For those of you who don't live near Chicago, the first week of 2014 has been extremely cold. I don't think I remember it ever being this cold! I'm currently sitting on my couch wrapped in an electric blanket and drinking hot tea. It is -17 outside and holy cow I'm not sure anyone could live in this! How cold is it normally in Alaska??

We started our 2014 with a ton of snow! I'm pretty sure last year we didn't have any snow until February! This is quite different and I love it. In my opinion, if its going to be cold, we might as well have some pretty snow to look at. Although, I do have to say its getting pretty old having to brush off and de-ice my car every time I need to go somewhere ha! Here is Nick New Year's Day snow blowing just so I can get my little car down the driveway!

Also on New Year's Day we realized we needed to put our kitty down :( This is Mittens (AKA Mitzy). We've had her for about 13 years and she's had diabetes for a long time. She always  seemed fine as long as we gave her insiline, but on New Year's Day she refused to drink water or eat (she wouldn't even eat her kitty treats). This was such a huge sign that she was sick because whenever I would eat something she likes, for example cheese-its, she would plant herself in your lap and take the food out of our hand and eat it herself! She was such a funny and sweet kitty. On January second we put her down with the relief that she is no longer sick. She is now in Kitty Heaven stealing cheese-its out of someone else's hand I'm sure. RIP Mitzi.

We also had a coyote strolling along our sidewalks! (It has been an interesting couple of days to say the least ha) We have coyotes near us since we have forest preserves close to us. I have also seen one every once in a while just passing through, I hear stories of people's dogs getting attacked by them, I was even circled by one (a pretty small coyote) during the summer when I was on a nightly run. However this guy was walking the sidewalks for at least an hour. He had two police cars following him. The poo guy looked like he was starving I contemplated putting out some dog food just so he could get something to eat without having to kill something, but I don't want anymore to be attracted to my house! He looks a lot smaller in this picture than he actually was!

The coyote wasn't the only one out in the snow this weekend though. I learned how to snow blow for the first time and let me tell you, I think all of the snow blew back into my face.

Nick knows how to snow blow like a pro... goggles and everything.

(Sorry Nick but I love this picture!)

The dogs love running through the snow. Talie obviously loves it since she's a husky and made for this weather. Blitz Loves it until he gets too cold, so I got him a new vest so that he would be warmer! I wasn't quite sure how well he would take this -17 degree weather. I bought him boots too but he tears them off his paws just as soon as I get them on him.

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